Portfolio - Websites with Database Driven Applications

Dynamic web sites deliver content from a database and offer users often times a selection of content and search functions. Here is a selection of sites that feature membership databases, listings of available office space, searchable pool database, calendar of classes, event registrations, and employment opportunity listings. All of these database applications are custom programmed and not out-of-the-box solutions. Administrative areas are protected through usernames and passwords. Please contact us if you would like a demonstration of functionality. (Change the speed of the slide show with the slider in the navigation bar or select "manual mode" by clicking on the arrows.)

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  • Sepashrm
    href="http://www.sepasherm.org" target="_blank">www.sepasherm.org
    Content Management System (CMS): WebsitePublsiher, Database Application: Job Opportunity Database
  • Straubecenter
    Straube Center www.straubecenter.com
    Database Application: Listing of Available Office Space
  • Rehab
    Rehab Education www.rehabed.com
    Database Application: Calendar of Classes Offered, Course Listing Management for Administrator
  • Ordini
    Best Fiberglass Pools www.bestfiberglasspools.com
    Database Application: Listing of all available pools by size, manufacturer, and features, picture and description, compare pools feature
  • Chandler
    Chandler Hall www.chandlerhall.com
    Graphic Design: Tuningpoint Desing and Marketing
    Database Application: Employment Opportunities
  • Usmedicine
    US Medicne www.usmedicine.com Website with content management system WebPublisher.