Over the last year, I have seen a large increase of phishing scams to gain access to e-mail accounts or control panel access. They can look quite real, with legitimate logos and signature text. But if you look at the sender address, or hover links, DO NOT CLICK! you will see that the sender and target address are not someone you have a business relation with.

Why do scammers try to access your e-mail accounts? Because too often, people email sensitive information per email. PLUS, too many people use the same username and passwords for all their accounts – including their bank accounts. Are you one of them?

Here are some examples of scams:

Do you want to give reverfyboy.infura access to your e-mail account? No? Then just delete, there is nothing wrong with your e-mail delivery.

Example of e-mail phishing scam
Screenshot of phishing attempt

Attempts to gain access to your cPanel account. cPanel is your main hosting control panel and would give a hacker access to all your e-mail accounts, including all hosting settings.

Anyone can download a logo and insert it into an e-mail. That does not mean the e-mail is legit.