For years I wanted to develop my own website. I was the first chiropractor to build a rudimentary website in the early 2005-06 in my community. Then in 2014, I paid a patient to redesign my website to improve my web presence, but all the while if I wanted to make a change, I would have to call someone else and that bothered me. I wanted the changes to be done ASAP and if it got done, it took 2-3 changes to communicate what I wanted.

So being frustrated with web search changes, web designers, and professional cookie cutter sites that cost 3000-5000 a year and my website, I decided to take on the task of building it myself. I looked at many companies that offered easy design options and I really liked WordPress designs. I studied some videos and poked around the web playing with designs. Afraid of messing everything up I started looking for help. My friend informed about Weblink Studio and its owner Gudrun Frank. She said she teaches classes and developed websites. So I decided to interview her and test her knowledge. I have to say I was blown away by her willingness to teach me and work with me. She allowed me to develop my own website and she showed me ways to enhance it.  A few tweaks here and there and within 30 days I completed my own website.

Gudrun was my teacher and a coach that answered my questions and gave me direction with support in developing a fantastic website. I highly recommend her and would say to anyone give her a call, meet with her and you’ll be blown away too.

Dr. Lawrence Bagnell

Bganell Chiropractic & Nutritional Services